What does the MOT test cost, and how long does it take?

The current test fee for a class 4 (car or light commercial vehicle), as set by the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) is £54.85. An average test takes around 50 minutes to complete, during which time you can wait in our waiting room, or in the viewing area if you prefer, or take a short walk to the shops.

What does the MOT test involve?

The following aspects of your car are subject to inspection: Lights, Steering and suspension, Wipers and washers, Windscreen, Horn, Seatbelts, Seats, Fuel system, Exhaust emissions, Exhaust system, Vehicle structure, Doors, Mirrors, Wheels and tyres, Brakes, VIN number and Registration plate.

What are the most common MOT failures?

One of the most common failures is dead lightbulbs. You can help your car pass it's MOT test by simply checking it's lights yourself before your car takes the test. However if you do not feel able to change any faulty bulbs yourself, we can normally offer a replacement service, usually at the time of testing.

Why should I get my car serviced if it has passed its MOT?

An MOT test is not a replacement for a service. It's a legally required assessment of a vehicle's road-worthiness, but does not guarantee a car's health. Most cars have a recommended service interval. During a service your car will undergo an oil change, petrol cars receive replacement spark plugs, oil and air filters, diesel cars oil, fuel and air filters.